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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Update on Mom #3

Okay so now it just makes me giggle every time to talk about all my different mom's! I told my mom today what you said Jill and she laughed and said I should do one about the mom I wish I had and one about the mom I do have and let people vote on which one I should take lol! She was being a little silly! This being said I have a funny story to tell about her that happened today while I was visiting with her! :)

So Robin (a friend of mine) and I went to have lunch with my mom at Four Corners today after she had gotten back from a Cat scan at the hospital! As we sat down my mom's nurse came in to clean out her holes in her leg and foot, two in her leg and one on each side of her foot! Since she had just gotten back from the cat scan it was not wrapped up or anything and it was super nasty! I could see all the scabs growing all around the holes! I had to make her cover them just so I could eat and keep my food down.

Okay sorry onto the funny story so when the nurse came in my mom asked if they could wait to clean it out until we where all done eating and they said it was fine! So we finished eating and the nurse came in to clean it all out! At first I was like I am not watching, that is way to gross but I got over it and it was actually kind of interesting. :) So what they do is take the hydrogen peroxided and poor it into the holes and then once all the scabs are all soft they take goze and rub all around the bars and the inside of the holes to make sure it is all cleaned out.

So the nurse forgot to bring in the goza so she left the room for a minute to go and grab it. In the mean while my mom decided she was going to continue pouring the peroxided into the holes so that when the nurse got back they could just get it done and over with. Well I started talking to Robin and telling her a story when I looked over and saw my mom starting to poor not the peroxided into the holes but DIET COKE! Yes you read me right DIET COKE. I of course started saying mom, mom, mom but she was not listening so I SCREAMED MOOOOMMMMM! And thankfully she stopped right then and I was able to tell her that she was about to poor diet coke into the holes instead of peroxided!
After we where done laughing till I almost peed my pants, I told her that this was totally a blogging moment and that I had to tell you all! So I hope you all get a little giggle out of my mom's diet coke story! :)

By the way the surgery is set for 1 pm on Monday, the 29th! So please keep her, the doctor, and the nurses in your prayers! :)


Jill said...

Ok mom #3 is a little crazy to put diet Coke in her nasty wounds! That is disgusting!! And I think you should take all the mom's you get. God gave her to you, and while she's not perfect, she's a wonderful lady :) with an awesome daughter!

Just Me - The Champion said...

OK so that cracks me up a lot. That would have been really painful if that diet coke went in there! Ugh! I agree with Jill as many Mom's as we can get are good. A mother's heart is wonderful. Glad you had a "coke and a smile" with Mom #3. Love you girl! - jen

Tiffany said...

That is too funny! I've seen people do silly things while laid up, but I think that wins! I love your mom - she is awesome! I'll be praying for the surgery!