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Monday, June 22, 2009

Update and Prayer Requests regarding My Mom!

So mom is doing a lot better. She is off all IV medican and is being released from the hospital tomorrow! She will then be transferred to Four Corners Nursing home where we will wait for the swelling to go down. I was able to go and watch her physical therapy today and it is painful to see. They have her hold on to these horozontal poles and walk on one foot, then they put a step in the middle of the lane and tell her to jump over it with only one foot. Man it was hard to watch however it totally is a testoment to God's faithfulness and love for her. That she is walking, talking and starting to heal only a week after the accident.

She had her foot bandage changed yesterday and there was a lot of blood and liguards collecting in her heal so they had to reset her foot and they are now allowing that to dran. She was in a lot of pain and said she was balling the whole time. I can't even imagine, however the doctor says it is healing properly and that they are hoping to do the surgery the beginning of July. So please continue to pray that everything heals good and that the surgery goes well.

We also found out that praise Jesus my mom still has insurance from her job, however she has to pay her half as well as the half that her job was paying to keep it. And as you can see she does not have a job and will not for quite sometime. Two women have come and forward to help with this situation and have set up a bank account to help raise some money for not only her insuance but for a rehab as well. So please pray that God will provide all the finances.

It is so amazing to see God work in this situation! I still feel that my mom is talking the pastors wife talk however I am praying specifically for God to blow her mind out of the water and for her to know Him in a totally different light. That she will be able to fall in love with Him as her Father and know Him in a personal way! And that she will allow Him to minister to her and to heal all of her hurts and pains!

Father I pray that in this time you will show and teach my mom about your love and forgiveness. That she will see you as her savior, healer, father and friend. And that she will begin to allow you to take off the bandades so that you can heal all of her. Help her to see how much you love her and how big and amazing your plans are for her life. In your name I pray.... AMEN!

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