Inspirational stories come from the writers heart and soul. God put His "heart" in you. He didn't just create you. He invested Himself in you. You are the inspirational story that emerged from the heart and soul of the Father. Who you are is a person worth knowing well.

Jill Palmer (I think) :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

God's Faithfulness

As all of you know I went wedding dress shopping on Saturday, I had gone online to check out David's Bridal dress selection and found 4 dresses that I loved and wanted to try on. My number one favorite was $649.00, now I know that it doesn't seem like much expecally if you watch "Say Yes to the Dress." However for us and our very tight budget it was quite a bit. My loving fiance was of course very encouraging and told me that if when I tried it on I was still in love that he wanted me to buy it. So the night before we left for Fort Collins I was lying in bed not able to sleep because I was so excited and I started praying.

I thanked God for His continual faithfulness and blessings as we are planning the wedding and how He has seriously given us amazing deals on a lot of the stuff needed for the wedding. As I was laying there I prayed that God would find me the perfect dress, that I wouldn't feel fat and ugly, and that it would be less than the $600.00 dollars we had budgeted.

On the way to Fort Collins I told my friend Tami what I was praying for and right there as we where driving she also prayed out loud for the same things. When we got to the store and where introduced to Aubrey (my consultant) she asked if I had look on line at any dresses that I wanted to try on and of course I pulled out my organized notebook and showed her just what I was looking at!! :)

The first dress that I tried on was my #1 favorite from online, and to my surprise I hated it on me. It made me look like I was a straight line, it was uncomfortable and not flattering on my body type. And in the back of my mind I was thanking Jesus for it!! :) Then we tried on my second favorite dress (it was not the exact one that I wanted because they don't carry it in the store but it was one similar, the only thing that was different was the top.) Once I walked out in the dress I fell in love with the bottom but what not so much in love with this certain top, so Aubrey suggested we try on different gowns that have the top I wanted. We continued trying on all the beautiful fancy dresses and I just couldn't get that second dress out of my head. At which point I told Kristin I really like the second dress but the exact one I want they don't have in the store. Kristin being the amazing friend she is said why don't we try this, and this, and this. So we tried all of the things she suggested and wa la, it was exactly what I had envisioned.

After it was all said and done I looked at the price and it was $200.00 less then our budget. But that is just the beginning, :) once we got up to the counter to check out Aubrey said this must be your lucky day because this dress is part of our spring sale and its this much less. After everything was rang up I spent less than the $600.00 we had budgeted on everything that I need to go with the wedding dress besides the shoes and alterations. CAN I GET A YIPPPPEEEE JESUS!!! :)

Another stop we had to make was to Ross because Tami needed to get a nice professional top, she has been asked to speak in front of a bunch a big shots in a week or so and she really didn't have anything. As we got in the car and where leaving Davids Bridal I said to her "now its your turn to go shopping." All at once she started crying and said "Jinny I only have $16.50 to spend and I don't know if that will get me what I am looking for." Right then and there we stopped and I prayed for her just like she did for me. I told her that God had the perfect top picked out for her to get and that it was going to be at the right price.

We arrived at Ross and parted ways for a few minutes so that I could go and look for some wedding decorations. After I was done looking I met up with Tami and she had found the cutest top that looked totally like her. She then informed me that it was a two piece dress suit but she couldn't find the bottoms anywhere. I told her that they would probably take down the price since we couldn't find it. She went and tried it on and it was just perfect and you could see her light up. When we got up to the check stand she told the lady all about it and asked if she could reduce the price to $10.00 (originally it was marked at $29.99). The lady behind the desk took out this piece of paper and looked at it for a few seconds and then said to Tami, I can give it to you for ...... $7.99. You should have seen the looks on our faces!! We both wanted to jump up and down and scream we where so excited.

That day God reminded me that He cares about even our smallest desires and hears every single prayer we say!! :) What a faithful and loving God we serve!!! YIPPPPEEEE JESUS!!! :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pretty Dress Shopping and Smelly Arm Pits LOL!!!

This past Saturday I got to go shopping for my pretty dress. I had a blast and was so grateful that I had my friends there to help as well as an amazing Consultant who made the day!!! :) I even got to see my friend Kristin and she was there when I picked the "dress of my dreams" as David's Bridal would call it!! :) Plus a little added bonus was we got to visit our sweet caffeine friend STARBUCKS (which we don't have in Scottsbluff)!!!
(Aubrey my amazing Consultant)


There was one funny story that I had to share with everyone!!! First off before my friend got to my house to pick me up I realized that I didn't shave my arm pits so I ran back into the bathroom and had to dry shave so that I didn't have any stubs while I was trying on dresses!!! :)

Then once we where at David's Bridal I got into the amazing undergarments that they have (with Kristin's help of course) and the pretty dress trying on began. :) After about 4 dresses my arm pits started sweating really bad, and the crazy thing was that, the only thing that was sweating was my arms pits. So of course I informed the girls that I was sweating and that I was worried I was going to get B.O. I lifted up both of my arms and told Marriah (who is 10) that the reason she came with us was to be my personal arm pit fan lol!!! We all had a great giggle at that and I went back in to try on another dress. After about 2 or 3 more I started to smell myself and it was not a pleasant smell, I asked Tami if she would run and get me some deodorant and baby wipes. (We where still laughing because of course I was smelling my arm pits in public and Tami couldn't believe it hehehe) Tami being that sweet friend she is said yes and ran across the street to get me some good smelling stuff. While she was gone Aubrey (my consultant) came back with another dress and back we went into the dressing room to get the new dress on!!! :) Now if you know me you know that once I am comfortable with you I am not shy... So I proceeded to tell Aubrey that I was sorry if she smelled my B.O. and that I was working on fixing the problem!!! :) She then informed me that she couldn't smell a thing and told me about other women she has worked with that where pouring sweat through the whole fitting (like they where working out or something)!!! Which made me not feel so bad.
(This is one of the dresses I tried on but NOT the one I picked that one is a secret for the wedding day) :)

Soon after Tami came back and saved the day with a powder fresh bar and some unscented baby wipes. :) I then fixed my little problem and felt much better. :) Once I had picked out the "dress of my dreams" and I was checking out Aubrey said that she would always remember me as her powder fresh bride. :) Needless to say my pretty dress shopping was nothing less then entertaining and I am sure that Aubrey, Tami, Marriah, Kristin, and I will remember it forever!! :)
(My new powder fresh bar!!! :))
(After all the trying on Me and the Amazing Aubrey)
By the way I hate this picture of myself but I still thought I would share it!! :)
(Tami with her hand clappers as they announced over the loud speaker that I had found the "dress of my dreams")
(Marriah with her clappers, it was so much fun having her there)
(And just to brag about my man for a minute he bought me these flowers yesterday just because and had them sent to my office :)) Oh how I love that man!! ;)