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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Story of painting the River Runners Classroom! :)

Let the painting begin and end! This month Emm, Joshua, and I redid our 4, 5, and 6 year old classroom called River Runners! We had a blast however it took forever. I think I calculated how long I worked on the room and it was at least 48 hours! Man it was all worth it! I think it looks amazing! :) Thank you Emm, and Josh for helping me do it! :) I has so much fun! :) Be for warned there are a lot of pictures!

The room before we got started! :)
Before Pictures!
Still before pictures! :)
The last glance at the old room! :)
Let the painting begin! :)
April and Jinny where here I promise! :)
The first coat, or so we thought lol!
Another angle of the first coat! :)
And another! :)
And the other side of the rooms first coat! :)
Aprils hand is on the left and my hand is on the right! :)
Hehehe! My hand print! :)
Then Emm and Joshua showed up and the paint fits began lol! You better watch out Joshua!
Come on you two lets get to work! :)
Okay one more cute picture then it is back to work for you! :)
This is what I like to see! :)
Then it was time for a coffee break! :) This picture is horrible but oh well we had to show that we went to starbucks! :)
Emm painting in the corner! :)
She did a good job don't you think! ;)
Emmalee Joy
The first coat of blue is done! Lets call it a night! :)
The next morning I was on my own! I had a huge project ahead of me! :)
Second coat of blue is done! :)
First coat of purple is done! :)
Josh and Emm where suppose to be helping me but they where not there so I had to show them some love hehehe! :)
First coat of white on the white board wall! While the purple dried! :)
Second coat of purple! :)
First coat of white on the door! :)
The yellow wall is done! And come to find out I used outside paint on this wall lol! But shh don't tell! :)
First white coat on the green wall! :)
Second coat!
First green coat is on and outside is getting dark it was a little freaky! lol :)
My wonderful tape ball! :)
The solid colors are done! ;) 12 hours and it is finished, well at least for that day! :)
Ready for church the next day! :)
Monday started the polka dot wall! :) This time I had Emm with me! ;)
These are all the pretty colors! :)
Emma's shoes and the pretty colors!

Painting the polka dots was so much fun! :)
We had fun writing in the polka dots! :) Emm must love me or something! ;)

Painting my favorite color! :)

Jinny + Emma = <3

Uganda Africa! Is it God's will???

Just for fun! ;)
Ta Da! :)
Isn't it so pretty! :)
Now it is time to start the strips! :) And Emma thought it would be good to use her feet to help with the straight lines! :)
I am not so good at straight lines even with a ruler so Emma got to have this job! :)
Then a wonderful surprised happened and three helpers came! :) So the three of us painted while.....
These two taped! :)
We did so good and we went along really fast they where such good helpers! :)
Ruthie was here! :)
Josh surprised us and this is what happened! :)
Emm joining in on the painting fun! :)
But don't get her mad or scared cause you never know what might happen! :)
The finished paint with the tape still on!
Now the tape is off! :)
And finally the wall is complete with a new bass board and all! :)
Josh got to do the little green part on top of the cabinets! :)
And our colorful ball! ;)

The End! Thank you Jesus! :)

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Kristin said...

so cute!! I Love the stripes and the polka dots :) you guys did a great job!