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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trip to Farmington with Emm and Josh!

Last Thursday Emmie, Joshi, and I went to Farmington to go shopping for the supplies we needed to paint the River Runners classroom! (pictures to come) We had a blast or at least I did! :) So here are a few pictures from our road trip to Farmington. Emm and Josh showed up at my front door at 7:45am. I was so sleepy and no we did not get any pictures of me waking up I would have broken the camera! :)
The driver! :)
The driver with a lip job! Thanks Joshi for taking this picture from the back seat it is amazing!
Josh enjoying a yummy donut and coffee!Yummy!!!!Emmie enjoying some yummy coffee as I drive!
Now it was Emmie's turn to enjoy a yummy donut!

Playing and hanging out at the teacher store while we waited for our stuff to be laminated!
Hehehe how cute is this picture! :)
Emm showing us her muscals! :)
Where did Miss. Jinny Go???
Our superhero popper outers!

Emm and her yellow horse! :)

Oh how I love my horse! :)I really do love my horse! :)Josh is a pro horse rider! :)Now you do know that these are Art not Jungle Gyms right?? Hehehe we got in trouble and that is what the guy said to us lol it made us all giggle!Emm and her hot bootsOh the fun we have in Hobby Lobby!We thought this machine was so cool so we had to take pictures with it! :)

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Mom Of Many said...

Wish I could have come!! You guys are just so fun...xo