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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

River Run for Orphans 2009 (Adoption)

Kisses for Lizzy! :) What a sweet blessing she is to so many! :)

Mine and Anna's numbers! We did it! ;)

This past Saturday was the 2nd annual River Run for Orphans here in Durango! My church puts it on and last year we raised a total of 8,000 dollars for orphans all over the world! This year we raised 22,000 dollars how amazing is that! :) For the last two years I have walked the 3.2 miles for the orphans all over the world. It is so awesome to see hundreds of people come out and raise money for the orphans.
God has put a huge burden on my heart for the orphans, ever since I was a little girl I have had a heart for the orphans. On Christmas when my parents would ask me what I wanted from Santa I would say a baby sister to which my parents would reply we can't have anymore babies Jinny. Then me having a heart for the orphans would tell my dad that they could adopt a little girl and put her under the tree! :) hehehe! Although this never happened I still to this day have a huge heart for orphans and adoption. I have always wanted to adopt and know that someday soon I will. :) There are so many boys and girls all over the world waiting for a mommy or a mommy and a daddy to come and take them home! More on this later! :)
So on Saturday we had a blast! I ran with Elisabeth who is a little 3 year old girl adopted from Africa in the mile fun run for kids! She was so adorable and we had a blast! :) Every time I see her and her brother my heart melts. I have always wanted little chocolate babies! :) Then after the fun run two of my friends and I walked the 3.2 miles! While I was walking I would think about the reason I was doing it and tears would come to my eyes! Why are there so many boys and girls who need homes when there are so many people who have homes, arms and hearts ready for them to come live in?? If I could I seriously would take every single orphan in the world and wrap them up in my arms. Have you ever thought about adoption? If not I would encourage you to pray about it! There are so many little boys and girls out there just waiting for someone to love them and tell them how much they are loved! :)

Joshi and Lizzy she is one of the reasons we do this run each year yippee Jesus!Some of the Well leaders and students after we all either ran or walked the 5k!Lizzy and Daddy walked the first lap and then Miss. Jinny and Lizzy finished! :)Joshi and Elijah another reason we do this run he now has a family who loves him! :)Emmie sold bracelets and necklaces for the girls in Africa!

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