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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kate and I's Special Date! :)

Yesterday I took Kate Elizabeth out on a very special date! :) We had a blast! :) She got to pick where she wanted to go to lunch and she choose CJ's. If you have never just sat and talked to this girl it is truly amazing how smart she is! :) After lunch we went to Fuzziwigs candy store and she was in heaven! She couldn't believe that there was that much candy in one place! After she had picked out all the candy she wanted we headed to the movie theater! We got our popcorn and root beer and headed into the theater. We sat there for an hour and a half waiting for the movie to get fix. Finally they came out and said that they could not fix it but that we where more then welcome to come back for the 4 o'clock show! So Kate decided that we should go to the mall to waste some time! :) She wanted to ride on the "toys" at the mall! :) Once it was time for the 4 o'clock show to start we headed back over! We got some more popcorn and root beer and headed in for our second attempt which was a success! :) She was so much fun to be with and she was glued to the movie! She said some funny things on our date that just can't go with out being published :) so get ready to laugh out loud......

At lunch our waitress called me honey and after she had left Kate said to me, "Miss. Jinny why did that fluffy lady call you honey?" The older couple next to us thought it was quit funny as did I! :)

Through out our date I kept telling her that she was cracking me up so out of the blue she told me that I was cracking her up! :)

Once the movie finally started there was a preview for a Michael Jackson video, when the preview was almost over she lead over to me and said, "Miss. Jinny, Michael looks like a girl.

Then right after that preview there was a preview that had the song Sweet Home Alabama in it and she yells, "Hey I know that song."

Finally as we are walking out of the movie theater she says, "Miss. Jinny that movie had a lot of good things in it like Ice Cream!

Seriously there was a lot more cute and funny things that she said but I can't remember them all! She really had me cracking up all day long! :) I truly had a blast and I can't wait to have my date with Kale in 14 days! :) He is super excited we even made a counting chain tonight! :)


Jo Mama said...

" I want a date." (said with a preschool whinnying voice). Just kidding but I would love to hang out if you every get a chance:) Love you Jinny.

Just me~cecelia said...

Miss Jinny what a special person you are...what a blessing you are to the little ones...