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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Time and Memories!

Okay so here I am..... I know what you have been thinking where has Jinny been? Well a lot has been happening lately but I am back!

Christmas time is a bitter, sweet time of year! This was my dads favorite holiday and we had many family traditions! So I decided I would share them with all of you bloggers!

1. We would watch Scrooge (the original) on Thanksgiving night
2. The day after Thanksgiving the Christmas music started playing and the decorations went up
3. Than that night we would watch Miracle on 34th street and drink eggnog!
4. When my older Brother Matt would get into town right before Christmas we would take a trip as family and go to Farmington to go shopping for each other.
5. On Christmas Eve after church we would come home and get to open our Christmas pj's and than we would have a family game night with lots of snacks waiting for Santa to come!
6. On Christmas morning we would go and wake up our parents and my dad would have to go out and see if Santa. He would than light up the Christmas tree, start a fire, and turn on the Christmas music.
7. Than us kids would get to come out and our Santa presents where unwrapped and sitting under the tree as well as our stocking (which is still my favorite part) :)
8. Once we where done with our stockings my dad would pass out the presents. Now my mom got smart and would put different names on the presents like Santa, snowmen, and tree. So that none of us kids would know what presents where ours. Mind you every year my mom would mess up at least one present and put the wrong name on it so one kid would be short a present. Which always seemed like it was me lol! And I hated it! :) After my dad was done passing out presents we would go around and open one present at a time till they where all open!
9. After the presents where open us kids would go and put our gifts away while my mom put in the home made Cinnamon rolls! (MAN are they yummy)
10. After breakfast it was time to get ready for the Christmas dinner and guest so we would be running around getting everything ready! :)

After us kids figured out that Santa is not real my parents told us that if we stopped believing Santa would not come so to this day all of us kids still believe in Santa. lol (hear that mom I believe) Christmas is such a great time of year! I am so blessed to have so many amazing memories of Christmas! Merry Christmas every one!


Kristin said...

I love hearing about all the fun traditions~and I love the picture! We had some great roommate traditions:) want to relive it and come decorate cookies and drink hot cocoa and watch movies? I miss hanging out with you!

Just Me - The Champion said...

Amen to your awesome tradition. We should have a cookie decorating party.. for sure! I love that your Dad started the fire, put ont he music... he loved you all so much... Thanks for sharing Durango Girl! lv, jen