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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thankful Tuesdays! My Mom!

I love willow tree and I love this one. They are just so precious! My mom and I use to have matching aprons when I was little so this picture made me think about that :)

Okay so last week in all the craziness of the last week of school before Christmas I missed posting what I am thankful for so I decided that this week I am going to do Thankful Tuesday and Thursday!

So today I am thankful for my mom. Growing up we did not have a great relationship. I always fought her for my dads attention because I thought I would win but I never did. I can even remember laying in their bed in between my mom and dad looking over at my dad and told him that when mom dies I am going to marry you. And of course my mom would tell me that the bible says.... But did I care no not one bit it went in one ear and out the other. However she was smart enough not to fight with me over it and just let me think I won. lol

1. She loves me no matter what I do or say.

2. She accepts me no matter what I look like or smell like.

3. She showed and taught me what it means to have a relationship with Jesus.

4. She did my hair till I was 12 because it was so long.

5. She showed me how to be a mom and wife (even though I am not either yet)

6. She taught me how to cook.

7. She taught me how to do my hair and to take care of myself!
(okay a little story to add to this one)
I was 11 when I became a women and it was a Sunday night after we had just gotten home from a big youth rally. My parents along with all the other staff members where at the church for some reason and all the staff kids where at our house eating dinner. I went into the bathroom to go potty when I realized that something was not right. So first thing I did was yell for Cassie who is a few years older than me to come into the bathroom. She came in and helped me out and than I called my mom. Little did I know when she answered the phone with her crying daughter on the phone that I was on speaker phone and all the staff heard everything I said! :( )

8. I love that if I can't poop I just call her and talk to her for a few minutes and than I have to go lol (do not ask me why but it works)

9. I love that she plays with my hair and tickles my back even at my age.

10. I love that she listens to me and does not judge me because of what I say.

11. I love that she was able to be a stay at home mom for most of my life.

12. I love that she and my dad showed me what a true christian relationship should look like. (not that they where perfect)

13. I love that she raised me in a christian home.

14. I loved it when she would take me grocery shopping with her and it was just the two of us.

15. I loved it when we would have our mother daughter days.

16. I love that she supports me no matter what.

And even though we have been through some hard times and we still do not have the best relationship I know that one day we will have an amazing one. And I will continue to pray for it!

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Just Me - The Champion said...

OK... so I read all three of your recent posts and they are awesome. I love this one about your Mom. Your parents did such a good job raising you Jinny. Your Dad is totally working with the Lord on your behalf... not just at Christmas but every day. I am so glad he sent you the memory of the Lubbock white christmas to remember him... I love you girl and am so proud of you. Lv, jen