Inspirational stories come from the writers heart and soul. God put His "heart" in you. He didn't just create you. He invested Himself in you. You are the inspirational story that emerged from the heart and soul of the Father. Who you are is a person worth knowing well.

Jill Palmer (I think) :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Funny Stories! (at least I think so)

Hey All,

So I thought that I would tell you all some funny things that happened yesterday.... I hope you all find them as funny as I did! :)

Okay so yesterday after nap I asked one of my little girls in my class how she slept and what she dreamed about. (Okay a little background needed here I think every day when you ask this little girl how she slept and what she dreamed about she always says good and that she dreamed about Mater and Lighting) So yesterday I thought it would be just like always. NOT! So I asked her what she dreamed about and she said nothing and then the proceeded to tell me that her dreams must have all run out. Than her best friend who was standing there as well said well than we better go and find them! :) It was super cute at least I thought so!

Than last night I had dinner over at the Palmer's which has been a tradition for several years now. Well I was sitting on the couch as Mark and Jill where getting the kids ready for bed. When all of a sudden I heard Jack crying and Jill laughing which made me laugh a little to myself but than when I found out what she was really laughing about it made it that much more funny and I lol! Jill came out and told me that Jack had just peed on his face! Man oh man did I think that was funny! :)

Okay I think that is all for now! But I have decided that since I don't have any kids of my own as of yet I am going to tell funny stories about other peoples! :)

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