Inspirational stories come from the writers heart and soul. God put His "heart" in you. He didn't just create you. He invested Himself in you. You are the inspirational story that emerged from the heart and soul of the Father. Who you are is a person worth knowing well.

Jill Palmer (I think) :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Spring is Painted!

Okay so today we had a children's ministry work day! It was amazing and we got so much done! I am so excited! I feel like I have totally accomplished something! I just wanted to show you all a picture just for fun! Jill, Jo, and I worked on this boat for 6 1/2 hours! It was great fun! Thanks to all of you who showed up and helped!
Billy was reall itching for a paint fight sad to say it did not happen! Someday it will though Billy you just wait! :)

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Tiffany said...

That is beautiful! Great job! Sorry I had to miss it - my throat would not have made me a happy painter today! Can't wait to see it.