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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday! (on Saturday) My 4 Year Olds

Today I am thankful for my 4 year old class! On Friday I worked in the 3 year old class all day because one of the teachers was out of town due to a death and the other teachers daughter was the one who had whooping cough. So to make a long story short I have worked in all the classes at the preschool from babies to kindergarten I have done them all and actually I worked in the 3 year old room for over a year. But for some reason this years three year old class is a challenge. I had 5 kids who all need special attention. So needless to say I went home and passed out for a few hours. So Friday made me really thankful for my precious 4 year old class. Not that they are perfect but I am truly thankful.....

1. That they are able to express themselves in their own ways.

2. That they can go to the bathroom by themselves and wipe their own chubbies.

3. That they are very lovable.

4. That they can put on for the most part their own snow stuff.

5. That they love their teachers and express it lol!

6. That they are at a point where they love to learn.

7. That you can really see how much they are growing through out the year.

8. That they still love to snuggle

9. That they love still love hugs and kisses.

10. That they miss you when you are gone.

11. That they can actually have a full conversation with you.

12. That they run up to you in the grocery store and give you the best hug ever.

13. That even though they might not know what they are doing they can tell when you are having a bad day and they smile at you or hug you just when you needed it.

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