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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thankful Saturdays- (Just Because)

Okay so I want to thank my friends for throwing me a surprise party it truly meant a lot. I love my birthday which I know to a lot of people is totally annoying but it is one of my favorite memorise of my dad and growing up. Our birthdays where always really big in my house and we loved to celebrate them. It means a lot to me that even though some people might think that I am weird because ever year around my birthday I like to "remind" people that it is coming up they still love me the same. They love me enough to totally surprise me with a fun girls night out. Thank you all so much I can not express into words how much it truly means to me! I love you all so very much and am so thankful that God has brought each of you into my life! You are all such amazing blessings!

Here are the birthdays I can remember....

~ One year when we lived in California in a really small apartment my parents decided to let me have my first sleep over party... we had so many girls that you could not walk in our living room. That year I got really upset after opening presents because all the other girls had a sleeping bag and I didn't so my parents sent me to my room and told me not to come out till I had a better attitude and when I got in there on my bed sat a Beauty and the Beast sleeping bag just for me. Man did I feel like a little brat.

~ Our last year in California my parents threw my a birthday party at our house and they decorated the whole kitchen and living room in Minnie mouse. They would not let me go in there till all my friends started coming! It was so much fun.

~ In Lubbock on one of my birthdays my parents allowed me to rent a hotel room with my mom and her friend there as well me and some of my friends got to go swimming and spend the night in the hotel it was way fun. We did our nails and ate pizza and watched movies.

~ Than another year in Lubbock one of my best friends had the same birthday just a year older so we did a combined birthday sleep over and we loved Winnie the pooh so I was Pooh, Amber was Tiger, and Victoria was Eeyore. So my mom made us these cute baskets and filled them with fun presents and on the bottom of the basket she wrote our name and than our nick name. We had a blast.

~ Than when I turned sixteen we where living here in Durango and my dad came and got me for lunch. We went to the subway across from the high school and that is where he gave me my promise ring and asked me if I would be his till the day I got married and if I promised God and him to stay pure until I got married. (My dad and mom also would sent me flowers every year to school and a stuffed animal) That made me feel so special.

So as you can see birthdays have always been very big in my family and I am so blessed to have all of you to share my birthday with. I love you all very very very much! Thank you thank you thank you oh and have I said thank you! :)

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