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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jam Camp 2010

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of going to jam camp with 5 of the kids in my ministry! I have never been to jam camp before and always wanted to go! :)

Cynthia the camp director did an AMAZING job and it was an adventure to say the least! :)

I had 7 girls in my group, from 4 different churches, of which two of the girls where with me. On Monday when as the girls arrived we played games and painted nails in our cabin until all of our girls arrived. Once they arrived we designed our flag and headed out to explore the campus. It was all the girls but ones first time at camp. We had a great time getting know each other and a great first night at camp. After circle the wagons (story time) I tucked all the girls into bed and prayed over them, got myself ready for bed and was heading to hit the cootie cage (bed) but none of the 36 girls in the cabin where ready to sleep so we spent about 2 hours trying to get them all to go to sleep. Once I finally hit the cootie cage it wasn't long when all of the sudden one of my girls sat up in her bed and threw up all over the floor. From there we where up till 2 in the morning as she threw up 8 times. My mommy skills kicked in as I held back this little girls hair so she could throw up in the toilet as I tried not to throw up myself! :) We made it through the night and with lots of coffee the next morning we headed out to conquer Tuesday.

We had a great day and great nights sleep, thankfully no throwing up that night well so I thought. After being in my cootie cage for about 30 minutes and almost asleep one of the other GL's came over and said that one of her little girls had just thrown up in the bathroom. This sweet GL does worse with throw up then I do so I went in and once again held back another little girls hair while she threw up. I think God was giving me a little taste of what it feels like to be a mom 24/7 :) hehehe! However I can still say through it all that I still can't wait to be a mom no sleep and all! :)

The week went well and I truly enjoyed getting to know all of my girls. We had devotions every morning which where amazing and it was so awesome to hear what was on all the girls hearts.

On Wednesday night the speaker had all the kids write on a piece of paper something hard they have done through in their lives. They she took the pieces of paper and made a beautiful picture with them. She explained to the kids that even through we go through hard things in life God see's the big picture and that everything works together for His beautiful plan and purpose. After she was done talking she asked the kids to come up and be prayed over by an adult. One little girl was sobbing as I prayed with her because her grandpa had just died and she was really close to him. As I prayed over this sweet little girl I began to cry with her, my heart broke for her and we sat as I held her in my arms for a long time.

The next day during our GL meeting we prayed over that picture and I was shocked at some of the things that where written on the pieces of paper. One of them said that his/her dad was going to jail for killing someone. Another one said that his/her mom and dad fight and hit each other. Many talked about a family member or friend who had died.

It broke my heart as I read these and I cried out to God asking Him to mend their hearts and to bring someone into their lives to minister to them when they went home.

Thursday night the kids where asked if they wanted to receive their prayer language and those who did came forward and got prayed over. I prayed with one little girl who told me that her mom prayed in her prayer language all around the house and she wanted to be able to talk to Jesus like that. As I looked into her eyes and talked to her I knew that I knew her mom. She was a little girl from Bayfield church and sure enough I knew her mom. When I said are you April's daughter her eyes got super big and she said yes how do you know her. It was so awesome that God pick this little girl for me to pray with. :)

The week just flew by and although I had a very homesick little girl in my group I had a great time. God truly did amazing things not only in the lives of the kids but also in the lives of each staff member at camp. Lives where changed and in-packed big time.

This is something that I will do every year with the kids at The Rock church.

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