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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Only My God!

For the last four and a half years I worked at a christian preschool here in Durango. I loved my job and I loved the kids that I taught! However last January things had gotten bad, there was a lot of stuff going on that I did not agree with or believe in so it was getting really difficult to work there. I loved the kids and I did not want to just leave and not finish out the school year! I prayed for months about what to do... should I leave, should I stay, should I start looking for a new job, what should I do Lord? I stuck it out through the school year and continued to pray about what to do. I prayed that God would open the doors that where suppose to be open and close the doors that where suppose to be closed. I didn't know what God had for my future but I continued to trust that He would lead me in the right direction.I was not only working 40+ hours a week, I was also very involved in the Children's Ministry at my church! Actually I still am very involved and I was also praying about what to do when it came to Children's Ministry as well. I love working with the amazing teachers and with the kids. I seriously love it more then my job so I was just praying that God would show me what I was suppose to do. It was hard because I was working full time on top of working on Children's Ministry stuff at least 20 hours a week. I knew that I could not do that again because it was just way to much! However I seriously would give up my job before I would stepped down from Children's Ministry! It has my heart and I love every minute of it! :)So as I continued to pray that God would show me with a "neon sign" what I was suppose to do. On the last day of school we had a huge ice social to say good bye to all the kids. It was very sad because I seriously LOVE my kids. And since I worked with the 4 year old's they won't be coming back next year. It was a very emotional day that I will never forget. I left the school ready and excited for a long girls weekend with Heather. We had a blast! :) The last night that we where there I got a phone call from a friend that I work with informing me that when she went in to set up her classroom that there was another lady in my classroom. So to make a long story short I found out through my co teacher that I was fired! It was a very hard thing to take because I did love the kids however I knew that I had been praying that God would open and shut doors as he saw fit.I will admit that I was freaking out because I was worried about finances and trying to find a job but Only My God will provided! Not even a week later a friend of mine called and said hey Rachel and Brian are looking for a nanny for their little boy Noah you should call and talk to them. So I did and low and behold they asked me to become their nanny! :) I was so thrilled! :) Now as I said earlier I did not want to give up on Children's Ministry so what did God do?? He gave me a job where I work 3 days a week 10 hour days for 2 dollars more an hour then I was making at the preschool! How amazing is that... So now I can nanny on top of doing everything that I wanted to to for Children's Ministry! :) So something that I thought was going to be not so good turned out to be perfect! :) ONLY MY GOD! :)


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Jinny, the nanny job WAS God's perfect timing. Noah is blessed to have you in his life. I am blessed to see God working in your life. I am so glad you love Children's ministry so much. You are a gift to me. Peace to you girlfriend, Jen