Inspirational stories come from the writers heart and soul. God put His "heart" in you. He didn't just create you. He invested Himself in you. You are the inspirational story that emerged from the heart and soul of the Father. Who you are is a person worth knowing well.

Jill Palmer (I think) :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Friends Sweet Words!

A dear friend on facebook sent me this message last week! It really touched my heart so I asked her if I could post it on my blog! She said yes however I have changed her name to keep her privacy! Thank you dear Friend for your encouraging words! :)

"I just read some of your blog --- especially the ones regarding your Mom. Thank you for all that you shared. My eyes welled up with tears feeling a little bit of what you all are going through and remembering the pain I have been through.

I had tough years living with a difficult, controlling Dad and lacking any self-esteem as a teenager, feeling lots of rejection. I understand the feeling of "why am I here?" and "what use am I?". I ached, prayed, cried many times for God to intervene in me, in my parents. Some people described my Dad as an alchoholic without the alcohol. Those years were sooooooo hard to say the least. Many times, I was so confused, hurt and troubled .....all I could do was worship God and say, "I believe You God". I couldn't make sense out of life. BUT, He was a Rock when it felt there was nothing else to hang onto. I wondered whether my life held any value. People would say, "just be yourself". I didn't know who that was. I had to dig into who does God say that I am and what value has He placed on my life. That's when Psalm 139 became my scripture.

Now, I am pleased to say, God has changed my Dad and is changing him. I talked to him on the phone for 1 1/2 hours. We discussed the things of the Lord. It was amazing and totally different! God does the impossible and I wanted to encourage you with this testimony. The prayer of the righteous avails much. So, keep praying, keep having faith, keep trusting!

Father God, you have come to heal the brokenhearted, to set the prisoner's free. So, I proclaim liberty to Jinny's mom, Tammy. I break off the chains and the lies that the enemy has sought to keep her in. I ask that your Spirit of Truth would minister non-stop to Tammy and that Your work of restoration would prevail. I cut off all yokes of bondage, depression and I reclaim all that the enemy has stolen. I ask for Your kingdom to come in her life on earth as it is in heaven (where there is no depression, no sorrow, but life and joy in You). You are a GOOD God. I pray for the release of Your Goodness to flow like a river into Jinny and Tammy. Thank you Father God that nothing is impossible with You. The glory belongs to you! Amen."

Love you Jinny,


Just Me - The Champion said...

Wow.. what an awesome testimony Jinny! Love it. Totally cool. Whoever wrote that is wise and awesome. I am glad you have friends like that. People who speak into your life. What a tremendous blessing! :) lv u girl! jen

carie said...

thank you for your honesty and being vulnerable.