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Jill Palmer (I think) :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July 2009

This year I went to Silverton with Ashley and Heather for the fireworks. We had so much fun and we where laughing to much I almost peed in my pants a little. :) The fireworks where really loud and I jumped a lot but they where really pretty! So here are some pictures of our fun 4th of July! :)

Pretty Fireworks

Best Friends Being Crazy what can we say :)
Now that is a good one :)
Laying on the car waiting for the firework show to start :)
What fun we had :)
Heather helping Ashley get on the trunk it was really funny :)
Me and Heather Cheese
Just me :)
Heather getting ready for the pretty show :)
Ashley's beautiful hat
Ashley making faces at herself with my camara
Talking on the phone to each other
Talking on the phone to each other 2
Oh skip skip skip to my lou

Yummy yummy fruit snacks :)


carie said...

you guys are so cute! what fun memories!

Just Me - The Champion said...

I am glad you had fun with girlfriends on the 4th. You deserve it Jinny! I pray you have more and more of these fun times ahead. Love you girlfriend! - jen

Cecelia said...

I just loved watching the fireworks in Silverton too...years ago when my in-laws came for Bryan's birthday...They were awesome and the sound was just super. Glad you enjoyed them along with your gal pals.