Inspirational stories come from the writers heart and soul. God put His "heart" in you. He didn't just create you. He invested Himself in you. You are the inspirational story that emerged from the heart and soul of the Father. Who you are is a person worth knowing well.

Jill Palmer (I think) :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thankful Thursdays!

This Thursday I am thankful for my relationship with Jesus Christ ......

...... that i can be myself and He still loves me

...... that i can tell him off and He still loves me

...... that He listens to my hurts and pains and still loves me

...... that He has created me in His imagine and loves me no matter what

...... that He is a mountain moving God who loves me

...... that I can go to Him in my darkest hour and tell Him truly how I feel and He loves me

...... that I can tell Him that I am mad at Him and He still loves me

...... that He knows I am not perfect and He still loves me

...... that He walks with me, by me, and carries me through out life and still loves me

...... that He sees my failures and still loves me

...... that no matter what HE LOVES ME!

He is my Jesus, my Savior, my Father and no matter where I go or what I do nothing will separate me from His love! I pray that everyday I will remind myself that He STILL LOVES ME and nothing will ever change that! Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for my sins and STILL LOVING ME!


Just Me - The Champion said...

Jinny, I am thankful that Jesus Christ died for you. I am also thankful he created you to be the awesome wonderful beautiful woman you are. May he reveal to you that beauty. May you see yourself as He sees you.. and how He loves you. Your awesome girlfriend... totally awesome(say it like a valley girl) if you don't know what a valley girl is... call me (it's an 80's thing):) lv, jen

Tiffany said...

I love this post! Except that I think you got the first one wrong - you can be yourself BECAUSE He loves you! You are an amazing lady - don't ever forget it!