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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kids say the Funniest Things (part 1)!

So most of you know that I am a preschool teacher and as a preschool teacher hear things from your kids that you don't necessarily want to know! However they are still very very funny! So this is just a reminder to all of you parents YOUR KIDS ARE SMART AND THEY REPEAT EVERYTHING!

* When I taught the 3 year olds I had a little girl who was washing her hands at the sink after going to the bathroom there was a little boy in the bathroom and she was looking at him in a curious way! Just then said my daddy doesn't have one of those pokey things.

* One day I was sitting at the table coloring with another one of my little boys and we where talking about what pj's we wear like spider man and princess and one of the little boys decided to tell me that his daddy does not wear pj's or underwear to bed!

* I have a little girl who told the class during circle time that her dad told her before bed that she could not fart or pull jelly beans out of her nose.

* I was rubbing a little boys back during nap time and laying next to him when he patted my boobs and said big boobies!

* Today I was driving with a friend and her two kids when out of the blue her little boy said my peanut it hard mommy. I was like okay what is that so she asked how does it get hard when he proceeded to tell us that it is when he sits down or gets in the bath tub. Then I light turned on it was his private part that he was calling a peanut. Man I almost peed my pants! lol

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