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Jill Palmer (I think) :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Okay so today is/ would be my dads 51st birthday! Man how that seems so young! However I am so thankful for the 18 years I had with a wonderful dad! He taught me so many things in those short few years that I will never forget! So today as I remember an amazing man of God and an amazing dad! I would like to share with you a few memories about my dad!

1. I remember our father daughter dates! These where nights where we would have our special time together! We would go to dinner, go to a movie, walk down town eating ice cream and making fun of the tourists, and singing in the car together with the windows rolled down. He would teach me how a boy should treat a girl like always having the girl walk on the inside of the side walk, letting the boy open the door for you and close it, and letting a boy pull out your chair for you! He showed me how to be a lady and how to look for a gentleman!

2. He was such a clean freak that he made me rack the carpet... yes you heard me right rack the carpet, with a rack that you would rack leaves with. :)

3. When he would clap his hands during worship he would not just open his hands and clap them together he would open them, then clap them and then rub his hands together once all while shaking his leg.

4. He would always shake his legs together when he was relaxing at home or even when he was going to sleep.

5. He would use mascara to color in his side burns every morning! (he would kill me if he knew I was telling you this lol)

6. We would have family nights once a week!

7. When he would be in his den watching TV I would go in there and sit on his lap all the way through the night he died!

8. When we would walk together I would try and pinch his muscles on his upper arm and he would tell me no until I gave him the puppy dogs eyes and he would say fine just one time!

9. I remember when I got my prayer language and I was laying in bed with my younger brother and my dad came in to say our good night prayers and I asked him if I could receive my prayer language and he said of course. So he prayed with Josh and I and Josh got his right away well I was not that lucky lol I started singing cumbia my lord. But eventually I did get it.

10. I loved when he would make us breakfast in the morning before school and then as we where eating he would read us our family devotional for the day! Then before I started driving we would get into the car and go around to each person and pray for our day. Then after I started driving we would pray right after breakfast together for our day!

Okay so there are many many more memories but it would go on forever so maybe someday I will write more but for now this is it! Happy Birthday Daddy! I miss you every day and can't wait for the day we will meet again! I am so blessed to have had you in my life for 18 years! You are an amazing man and your legacy will live on forever!


Jill said...

Such a sweet post Jinny. I totally remember, and can see him doing, the clapping thing. It was very Pastor Gary! And I remember hearing about the raking stories. So funny. He was such a neat man, Jinny. He'd be so very proud of you now. You're an awesome woman and friend! Love you.

Tiffany said...

I had completely forgotten about the clapping thing too! That is too funny! And, I agree with Jill - he would be SO proud of you. You are amazing.