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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"I will never forget this day for as long as I Live!" Kale Palmer

Yesterday I took Kale Palmer on a date day! :) I had taken his sister Kate two weeks before and he had asked if He and I could go on one too! Of course I said yes! :) So that day we made a paper chain that he got to rip one circle off a day until our date! :) He was so very excited! He was beside himself with joy! :)
So the day finally came and he was ready to go! He got to pick where we went to lunch and he decided to go to McDonald's even though I tried really hard to get him to go some where else he was stuck on McDonald's! However he didn't want to go inside he wanted to go through the drive Thur cause he thinks it is much more fun! :) So that is what we did! But then came the decision of where are we going to eat it at! It was not the warmest day to have a picnic so we went to Starbucks! We ate our food and then we went to fuzziwigs for some movie candy! :) He was in heaven to say the least! :)
Once we had picked out the candy we headed back to Starbucks to give Mr. KC some candy! :) Mr. KC had also made us apple cider which was delicious! :)

Finally it was time for the movie so we headed over to the theater and as we are driving Kale began to talk about will power! To which I replied well what is will power bubba?? And this was his definition..... it is this thing in your body that makes you not eat junk! Oh man was I giggling! :) This little man just cracks me up! :) Later on that night when Jill asked him how he knew what will power was he said that daddy had told him which made it even more funny! ;)
Once we got into the movies we got our tickets, popcorn, drinks, and 3D glasses and man was he so excited! We went in and sat down and decided to take some funny pictures while we waited for the show to start! :) Once the show started and the screen told us to put on our 3D glasses Kale kept taking his on and off saying 3D, blurry, 3D, blurry! It was making me giggle! :) Then once Toy Story started he tapped me on the arm and said "Miss. Jinny the things are popping out at my eyes" which again made me giggle! It was so much fun getting to experience the movie through his eyes! :)After the first Toy Story there was a intermission and Kale needed to go potty so we did! Well before I could tell him to stop he ran into the men's bathroom thinking I could go in there with him! So I hear him yell "Miss. Jinny are you coming?" After he was all done going potty I heard the water turn on so he could wash his hand and then I heard it shut off! :) After the water was turned off I heard him say "WOW" so when he came out I asked him what was so cool and he said how he can just wave his hands and the paper towels just come out! :)
It was so much fun getting to go on a date with Kale! He is totally different when he is all on his own then when he is with other kids and it really blessed me to get to know this side of him! We had a blast and on our way home he asked he if we could plan another date! :) And he kept saying through out the day how this was the best day of his life and how he would never forget is as long as he lived! :)

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Breezy said...

So cute!
Loved your pictures. :)