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Monday, May 24, 2010

God's Plan Revealed

(Okay so I have been told by many people that now I am going to have to start blogging more so here we go my first blog for the next chapter in my life. I promise I will get better and post more often. :D)I am so excited about the next adventure that God is taking me on. Ever since I was a little girl my dad would always tell me that I was going to be a Children’s Pastor. He saw the passion in my eyes whenever I was around children and believed that I had a calling on my life to tell them about the love of Jesus. At the time I didn’t agree; I wanted to be a teacher because I love stickers and grading papers, but God changed my heart. From that moment on I wanted each and every child I came in contact with to know the love of Jesus. I have been praying that God would open the right door for me to walk through, and now, in His timing, His plan is being revealed for my life. I am ready to trust Him and follow His lead.MY HEART'S DESIRE
I am so blessed to have been raised in a Christian home with loving parents; however, there are many children in our country who are longing to hear the words,” I love you.” Some kids have never heard the words, “you are beautiful handsome,” “you are a treasure,” or “you are not a mistake.” Just typing this brings tears to my eyes to think that there are children out there who don’t even know that they are loved or wanted. My heart’s desire is that every child I meet, will know that they are valued and loved, even if their home life is not stable and they have no hope. I want to be a living example of God’s love and faithfulness by showing them their value. By being an example, my heart’s desire is that each child will begin to build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This is why I am so excited about what God has in store for not only my life, but also the lives of all the kids in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. I know that ministry is not something to take lightly, and, to be totally honest with you, I am so honored that God has put such a burning passion in my heart for children. Here I am, Lord, use me!DOOR OPENING
I recently was offered a Children’s Pastor position in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. After prayer and seeking wise counsel, I decided to take a road trip to check out the church and spend time with the Pastor and his family. The minute I drove into the little town I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. As the weekend unfolded, I started to fall in love with the family, the town, and the church. The whole weekend I kept hearing the word, “potential.” I continued to pray that God would give me wisdom, discernment, as well as clear direction. It was an amazing time and I continued to have peace through out the whole visit, I was saddened when it was time to leave.CLEAR DIRECTION
As I headed home, I continued to pray that God would give me clear direction. I was excited about the opportunity and I really wanted to take it, but I wanted it to be God’s direction not my own. When I think about leaving Durango, my friends, and my church family, it is really hard. However, I was excited about the future so I continued to pray for clear directionWOULD YOU JOIN ME?
Through a series of God - breathed moments I have been connected with Tyson the pastor of The Rock Church, a recently planted new church that started with 6 people, and is now up to 250 adults and 80 kids over the past three years. Tyson and Tami have a burning passion to see kids in this area know the love of Jesus. Right now there is no Children’s Pastor, so I will be taking a step of faith in moving and creating a ministry where each kid is loved, accepted, and valued. Then, through these, they will begin to grow in an intimate relationship with Jesus.
Every time I pray, I hear these four words.... ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! I know that God is going to provide, so I am trusting Him and believing that He is going to answer this prayer, just like He has answered all the others. Tyson and the church council are working very hard to get me onto full - time staff, so, in this transition period I will be living off of financial support. This is where you can join me; in taking this step of faith, I am praying that God will provide $2,000 a month to take care of my monthly expenses. Would you prayerfully consider supporting me in fulfilling the plan that God has for this chapter of my life? Thank you for all your love and support.
Alive in Christ, Beautiful in Him, Controlled by the Spirit
Love, Miss. Jinny MacDonald


Kristin said...

yay :) I'm probably one of the only ones in Colorado who doesn't have mixed feelings about you moving...because it means I'll get to see you MORE!! hooray! I'm so excited to see what else GOd has in store for you, girl. love you!

Jill said...

Hmmmm....this sounds vaguely familiar...:)

Just Me - The Champion said...

Cut and paste! lol! It's so nice of you to call me "wise counsel". Thank you so much Jinny! lol lol lol. I am laughing out loud and cracking myself up. Can you tell? I am excited about this journey God has you on. I think I'm partially in denial and when you are in Scotts Bluff... I'll have some kind of meltdown. But I'll peel myself off the floor and be ok. God is moving in your life Jinny because you are open to his direction. Keep your heart open, do things even though they are not comfortable and stick with it. Perservere for a little while. He will pour out his blessings. :) LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! - jen

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness - how exciting! Amazing when God gives us a peace when we step out willing to go HIS way. Praying for wisdom in each decision you make, praying for continued guidance, for divine protection and provision.

(And is that Elizabeth in the first picture? Sweet!)

God Bless!