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Jill Palmer (I think) :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kid's Say the Funniest Things!!!

Before I tell you think cute/funny story let me give you a little background first...

In Kidz Church over the past 13 weeks we have been learning about all the parables is the bible, and it has been a lot of fun and the kids are really enjoying it.

So last Sunday after church one of the mom's was talking to her son and asked what he learned about in class. To which he replied "if your friend asks for your jacket you should give him your shirt as well." As he was saying this the mom could tell he wasn't quite sure what that meant. Then out of the blue her 4 year old says to his brother "if you do that they would see your boobies." Oh my goodness this just killed me!! :)

Now to clear things up we did learn about The Good Samaritan but we do not teach the kids about boobies lol!!!

Kids will say the funniest things!! :) Out of the mouths of babes!!!


Jan said...

So don't you be thinking about asking me for my jacket cause you are not getting my shirt! My boobies are not coming out for public display!

Rachel said...

That is absolutely hilarious! You just never know what they're going to say - and usually in public, right? :) Thanks for the laughs!